Whose sex dolls are those?

In advance of this year’s World Voices festival-- the theme of which is Public Lives/Private Lives-- PEN’s wonderful web editors are curating a mixed media project.

Part I: Private Lives

PEN Members send us photographs documenting the intimate details and privates spaces in their lives.

Part II: Public Lives

PEN.org posts the photographs and invites visitors to write short narratives, poems, vignettes, or characters sketches based on the images.

Part III: Results

Written submissions are instantaneously posted at PEN.org. A selection of submissions will be featured on the PEN homepage.

So go take a look and get writing.

By the way, the brave contributors of photographs so far are Kurt Andersen, T Cooper, Joshua Furst, Shelley Jackson, Wayne Koestenbaum, Janna Levin, Chuck Palahniuk, Gregory Pardlo, Boria Sax, Susan Shapiro, and Lorin Stein. Some of the photos are beautiful, some witty, and some weirdly suggestive.

Can you guess which of those people submitted the photo above? I bet you can.

Update: There's also an online confessional ("In 20 words or less, tell us a secret"), which has already prompted confessions about love, incest, and the corruption of Nigerian leaders; and some poems by Tina Chang and Forrest Gander.


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