World Voices continues; also, Bolaño

Next Tuesday, June 10th, at 7 pm, at Housing Works Used Books Café, PEN World Voices presents the first installment of year-round programming with a special evening of conversation and reading by Uwem Akpan (pictured right). Uwem, a Nigerian writer who now teaches at a Jesuit seminary in Zimbabwe, will read from his debut story collection, Say You're One of Them, and then speak with Anderson Tepper of Vanity Fair.

Uwem (whom you can read online in The New Yorker), read once before at a PEN event, with Nam Le-- whose great (and much deserved) reviews you may have seen lately.

Also, more and more of the audio from World Voices 2008 is becoming available at PEN.org, so you can catch up on the events you missed (or make sure so-and-so really said that). Check back here for updates.

This is World in Translation Month, apparently, and PEN.org is celebrating with new features each week. So, if you aren't one of the lucky ones who received 2666 galleys, you can read some older Bolaño ("Dance Card," from Last Evenings on Earth and Other Stories)

And if you're in Los Angeles this weekend, visit PEN at BookExpo America.

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